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Why Moscow?

Moscow offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity, a combination of ancient art luxury and high-tech trends. The brave new world of the nouveau riche is as omnipresent and prominent as the proud centuries-old monasteries and stately homes and palaces. You can look forward to countless cultural highlights all year round, find out what makes the Russian soul tick, or experience the vibrant night life in Europe’s biggest major city! Over the following centuries Moscow grew in stature, and the numerous historical buildings in the city today bear witness to stylistic influences from Asia Minor to Italy. In short, Moscow is a city layered in complexity and mass that can be surprising and even shocking at times. History (more than 850 years) has created stark contrasts there between the rich and the poor, the socialists and capitalists, the young and old, and between the Czarist, Soviet, and modern influences which all visibly compete for space in Moscow’s changing skyline. Nowadays Moscow offers an excellent infrastructure for the international clientele: brand-new hotels, luxury and authentic restaurants, worldwide famous museums, unusual venues etc.

Why St. Petersburg?

Founded by Peter the Great, Russia’s first and most famous Emperor, St Petersburg combines its fascinating Russian heritage with a distinctly European outlook (”a window to the West”) and is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Officially proclaimed the “Cultural Capital of Russia” St. Petersburg is a place, where you need weeks just to see all its major landmarks. Since the city is built on more than 20 islands separated by around 40 rivers and canals, it is often called the Venice of the North. St Petersburg is famous for its “white nights” in May, June and July when the sun almost never goes down. Winter in St Petersburg runs from late November till March. Be ready to be seduced by enchanting views of the frozen river and canals and beautiful snowflakes in the sun. St Petersburg offers good conference facilities and excellent future potential as a MICE destination. This attractive, hospitable, generous and dynamic city will please you with its countless treasures.

What else?

The largest country in the world, Russia offers a broad array of travel experiences, from treks up the slopes of glacier-capped mountains to strolls along the shoreline of Earth’s oldest lake. Historical sites and cultural activities in the country’s great cities (not only in Moscow and St Petersburg) abound as well. Whether you’re exploring the grounds of Kazan’s Kremlin or wandering through the steppes of Buryatia, a visit to Russia is an adventure not soon forgotten. We know how surprise you with tailor-made programs including special activities, meeting with local people, tasting of local specialties and other things. We invite you to the cities with new infrastructure like Kazan, Sochi or to the wild places with most beautiful and untouched nature like Baikal Lake. We may also operate in all CIS counties (Belarus, Baltic States, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia and others). Let us inspire a great Russian itinerary for your memorable trip.
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