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About KMP | References

Since 1989 the KMP Group has been one of the leading travel companies in Russia, with offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. KMP-DMC, the Incentive & Event division, takes advantage of the company’s buying power and thus guarantees you the most competitive prices. Our experience over the last 27 years and in-depth knowledgeof the destinations allow us to offer exclusive incentive programmes, which include theme parties, private visits to museums, the best selectionof restaurants, hotels and unique venues, team building, outdoor activities, etc.We are constantly searching for fresh ideas to fulfil your requirements. A key to our success is the team of professionals speaking English, French, Spanish and Italian who are always ready to consider your ideas and your budget, helping you to create the ultimate product. We ensure an immediate response, competitive quotations, flexibility and a friendly, personalised approach. KMP DMC is ‘Large enoughto serve and small enough to care’.

Our References

Mission BtoB of Maroc Export (Morocco)
Incentive ‘Manulife’ title (Vietnam)
Incentive ‘BP Superfioul’ (France)
Incentive ‘Generali’ (Switzerland)
Event for Ministry of Saxony (Germany)
Convention for Bioderma (Middle East countries)
Incentive ‘UBS’ title (Switzerland)
Incentive ‘BNP Paribas’ (France)
Incentive ‘Allergan’ (UK)
Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Murcia (Spain)
Incentive ‘Cajasur’ (Spain)
Danone International Investors Seminar (France)
Symposium for ‘Dr Falk Foundation’ (Germany)
Convention ‘Cannon’ (Finland)
Renault Trucks Adventure ‘Cape to Cape’ (France)
Incentive ‘Nestlé’ (France)
Incentive ‘Caisse d’Epargne’ (France)
International medical congress ‘Servier’ (France)
Seminar ‘Dior’ (France)
Incentive ‘Boehringer Ingelheim’ (Italy)
Congress ‘Feu Vert’ (France)
Incentive ‘Fujitsu-Siemens’ (Germany)
Incentive ‘BMW Finance’ (France)
Incentive ‘SAJA’ (Middle East)
Convention ‘Wella” (Italy)
Incentive ‘Samsung’ (France)
Incentive ‘Italiana Assicurazioni’ (Italy)
Incentive ‘Garoto’ (Brazil)
Convention ‘Merck Serono’ (UAE)
Incentive ‘Allianz’ (Austria, Portugal)
Incentive ‘Phillip Morris’ (Spain)
Incentive ‘Biogaran’ (France)
Allianz Bank (Italy)
Event for Benetton (Italy)
Incentive ‘Suzuki’ (Greece)
Incentive ‘Lyonnaise de Banque’ (France)
Seminar ‘Servier’ (France)
Incentive ‘Mitsubishi’ (Germany)
Incentive ‘Skoda’ (Switzerland)
Congress of Banque ‘Credit Agricole’ (France)
Incentive ‘Total’ (France)
Incentive ‘Mercedes Card’ (Germany)
Incentive ‘Cannon’ (Switzerland)
Incentive ‘Volkswagen’ (Switzerland)
Incentive ‘Addax’ (Switzerland)
Incentive ‘Sony’ (Italy)
Incentive ‘Diac Renault’ (France)
Event for ‘Marie-Claire’ Magazine (France)

Sports Events

UEFA Champions League 2015 – FC Manchester United (UK)
UEFA Champions League 2015 – FC Valencia (Spain)
UEFA Europa League 2012 & 2015 – FC Liverpool (UK)
UEFA Europa League 2007 & 2015 - PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)
UEFA Europa League 2014 – FC Everton (UK)
UEFA Champions League 2013 - FC ‘Manchester City’ (UK)
UEFA Champions League 2012 - FC ‘Anderlecht’ (Belgium)
Speed Skating World Championships 2012
World Series Formula 3.5L by Renault 2012-2014 (EU)
UEFA Champions League Final 2009
UEFA Europa League 2007 - FC ‘Zurich’ (Switzerland)
UEFA Europa League 2013 & 2015 – FC ‘Girondins de Bordeaux’
UEFA Europa League 2015 – FC ‘Sion’ (Switzerland)
UEFA Champions League 2012 & 2014 – FC ‘Benfica’ (Portugal)
UEFA Champions League 2013 - FC ‘Porto’ (Portugal)
FIFA World Cup 2014 – National team of Portugal
UEFA Champions League 2012 - FC ‘Malaga’ (Spain)
UEFA Champions League 2012 - FC ‘Celtic’ (UK)
UEFA Europa League 2011 - FC ‘Tottenham’ (UK)
UEFA Europa League 2011 - FC ‘Ajax’ (Netherlands)
UEFA Champions League 2010 - FC ‘Chelsea’ (UK)
UEFA Champions League 2010 - FC ‘Copenhagen’ (Denmark)
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