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Russian Visa

Foreign tourist’s entry on the territory of the Russian Federation requires the obligatory presence of entrance visa which is valid during the period of their stay in the country. The availability of the visa as well as the passport is carefully checked by the passport control at entering Russia and leaving it, while accommodating in Russian hotels and boarding the train, the airplane, the motor ship both at local and international lines. Visas are issued by Consular Department of Embassy of the Russian Federation on the basis of invitation, which is a visa support from the Russian part by Russian Consulates in the country of stay or permanent residence of a foreign citizen. KMP DMC will provide you with a visa support letter if we book accommodation for your clients. We need the following passport details of travelers to issue this letter: full name, passport number, date of birth, citizenship, dates of trip, name of the hotels where they stay in Russia. Please, note that the consular fees should be paid in the Consular Department of Embassy of the Russian Federation, the amount differs based on the region and the visa’s issuing period. Please contact them also for the list of the documents required for the visa. The Russian entry tourist visa is a passport-size document pasted in or putted into the passport of the foreign citizen. The visa contains the information about the dates of a foreign citizen’s arrival or departure, your passport number, information about children who are traveling with you and the type of visa. Visa permits arrival in the country and departure from the country. If the visa was lost or you exceeded the fixed residence time there would be problems during the departure from the country. The tourist visa should de registered upon your arrival to the Russian Federation within 72 hours after the state boarder of the Russian Federation was crossed. In case you exceed the fixed term of the visa registration a fine will be imposed on you by Russian law enforcement agencies in the place where you applied for the registration.
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